Who Is Orgseed?

Who Is Orgseed?

Dear reader,

Here at OrgSeed, our passion is empowering client success through dynamic Human Resource partnerships. Our network of HR experts works collaboratively with expanding firms to create best-practice HR programs. Our team is comprised of certified Human Resource professionals skilled with business acumen and industry-leading practices.

Aside from providing custom-tailored HR solutions to our partners, OrgSeed is equally committed to the development of our local communities. OrgSeed believes in implementing sustainable business solutions for long-term success. Our mission is to not only provide sustainable business solutions for our clients but to promote and educate sustainable and eco-conscious practices within our local communities.

OrgSeed is committed to helping small businesses and local communities flourish. Through our tree-planting and community outreach programs, our goal is to operate a green organization focused on the betterment of local communities and enterprises.

If you have suggestions for upcoming community volunteer opportunities, or if you’re interested in joining our volunteer efforts, please contact tanner.lesley@orgseed.com to get the conversation started.

We look forward to growing together!


Photo by William Iven on Unsplash